Flower Lovers’ Club

For people who really love flowers - become a member and unlock the door to the freshest flowers from the Dutch wholesale flower markets, Westland, Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg

Complete with its own welcoming membership pack, club membership makes the most wonderful gift. You select the membership option and your recipient chooses when to receive the flowers or perhaps attend a flower workshop or demonstration.

The welcome membership pack can be sent to you to give on the special day - or you can choose to have the voucher directly delivered to the recipient.

Gift vouchers make an ideal corporate gift, please look at our corporate page to find out about personalizing the voucher with your companies name and logo.


The therapy of flowers for enthusiasts

With each flower club delivery you will receive flower foodand a copy of our regular news letter for members, The Dutch Flower Lovers News. Packed with valuable information about flower care, tips, style and design innovations from the home of flowers, Aalsmeer in Holland, The Dutch Flower Lovers News will tell you everything you need to know about your flowers.


Your questions answered

Q: How does it work?

Every month we make a new selection of seasonal flowers in bunches for arranging or made into a hand-tied bouquet to simply place in a vase.

Flowers will be delivered on an agreed schedule which can be altered by telephone or email.

The flower selection includes notes on the flower history and tips on keeping and arranging them.

Q: What makes the flowers so special?

  • they are very fresh… and fresh flowers last longer and look more vibrant, much better than those that have to spend days in warehouses or on display in shops and supermarkets
  • they are first quality flowers… our buyers are not only passionate about their flowers but they are experts at purchasing the finest quality and best grades
  • they are often unusual… flower types that are often not available in a high street flower shop and definitely not in the supermarket
  • the selection is balanced… each selection includes tips and instruction on how to arrange or display the flowers and foliage provided.

Q: Is this like a book or record club where you get something every month whether you want it or not?

No - When you receive the first delivery you will receive a form that sets out your delivery schedule for the coming months. If you would like to miss a month you can agree this on the telephone or by email; the choice is always yours.