Medium Preserved Rose Hatbox

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Red Roses stand for passion and love, whatever the occaision, red roses are a beautiful gift for that special someone. Our preserved red rose looks and feels like a freshly-plucked rose yet lasts a lot longer. Dutch Flower Shop preserved roses have a gorgeous natural beauty. In order to preserve this product, an advanced technical process is used whereby the natural sap in real roses is replaced with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring. This results in a superb product which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but also last for over a year!

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Medium Luxury Circular Hat Box in either Black or Grey containing 18 Preserved Roses that last for over one year

Flower Colour: Red
Occasion: Romance
Delivery Areas: Available Merseyside & Manchester Only
No. Stems: 25
Type: Roses, Arrangement