Modern Designer Arrangement

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When you look deep into this magical arrangement you can see how amazing it really is. With it's vibrant colours and wild textures, the fiery red gingers and striking heliconas really set it a side from anything else. The foliages, anthuriums and lucky bamboo make this a really impressive arrangement

Please note the arrangement pictured is the medium size and is only available for delivery to Merseyside, Manchester & surrounding areas

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Modern arrangement containing:

Medium; 2 x Gingers, 2 x Heliconas, 1 x Anthuriums, 2 x Lucky Bamboo, 1 x Protea, 1 x Cymbidium Orchid Head & Foliage

Large; 3 x Gingers, 4 x Heliconas, 3 x Anthuriums, 3 x Lucky Bamboo, 2 x Protea, 1 x Cymbidium Orchid Stem & Foliage